Investing and Incubating
Next-generation Renewable
Energy Technologies

About Us

Innovation is the lifeblood of civilization's advancement, propelling us to new heights of progress. Within this context, renewable energy technology stands out as a critical agent of change, redefining the traditional energy paradigm and emerging as a pivotal force in the global pursuit of carbon abatement goals.

LuxOrigo is a Singapore company whose core mission is to promote the extensive application of innovative technology in the field of renewable energy. By harnessing its extensive global network of innovation resources and investing and incubating next-generation renewable energy technology, LuxOrigo aims to establish an innovation ecosystem dedicated to renewable energy. This ecosystem will provide sustainable and affordable energy for the world, driving the realization of global carbon neutral goals.

The founder of LuxOrigo has an impressive track record in incubating and investing in companies across a range of industries. In addition to investment, LuxOrigo has also been a trailblazer in the world of incubation, leveraging its global innovation resource network to establish successful ventures such as QE-Labs. All these initiatives have contributed to the LuxOrigo's status as a leader in the innovation industry ecosystem.

Investment Direction
  • Lithium Battery/
    Solid State Battery
  • Sodium Battery
  • Liquid Flow Battery
  • Lithium-air Battery
  • Lithium-sulfur Battery
  • Energy Storage System
  • Battery Management System
  • Energy Management System
  • Power Conversion System
  • Perovskite / PERC
  • Perovskite / TOPCon
  • Perovskite / HJT
  • Perovskite / CIGS
  • Hydrogen Production (ALK / PEM / AEM / SOEC)
  • Hydrogen Storage and Transportation (Pipeline transport / LOHC / NH3 / CH4 / CH3OH)
  • Hydrogen Usage (SOFC / Hydrogen Internal Com-bustion Engine / Hydro-gen Gas Turbine / Hydro-gen Fuel Cell)